Workshops will be a great opportunity to learn more about different topics. There are more than 60 different seminars, lectures, Bible studies and workshops on various topics to choose from.


How to become an effective community champion

This workshop will introduce what it means to be a community champion, looking at strategies and resources available to train and nurture teenagers and young people to become effective in their local setting.  In addition, the workshop will review real life stories on how these champions were able to successfully outreach and impact their communities.

Thursday 12:45-13:30 Room: 3F Capacity: 120

Friday 11:30-12:15 Room: 3D Capacity: 35


Alastair is very passionate, energetic about teens, youth and young adult ministries and wants to ensure that this important age group is supported, involved in mission and empowered to be leaders. He works as a chaplain (75%) at Newbold and part time Teens and Community services director TED (25%). Alastair enjoys running, football, reading and spending time chilling-out with his family.




The Nature of Christ

(Bible Study)

Jesus is the foundation all Christians believe and hope for. There is no Christianity without Jesus. The proper understanding of His person is extremely important for the practical Christian life. However, Jesus' human nature has become an object of division among Adventists (especially young Adventists) since it is closely related to the question of justification before God. Can we or should we become sinless before Jesus' Second Coming because he himself said: "Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect (Matt 5: 48)?"

Wednesday 12:45-13:30 Room: 3E Capacity: 30


Sanctuary Issues

Jesus is the foundation all Christians believe and hope for. There is no Christianity without Jesus. The proper understanding of His person is extremely important for the practical Christian life. However, Jesus' human nature has become an object of division among Adventists (especially young Adventists) since it is closely related to the question of justification before God. Can we or should we become sinless before Jesus' Second Coming because he himself said: "Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect (Matt 5: 48)?"

Friday 11:30-12:15 Room: 4D Capacity: 80 Part 1

Friday 12:45-13:30 Room: 4D Capacity: 80 Part 2



Dr Radisa Antic, professor of philosophy and theology, is originally from Sarkamen, a picturesque small village in the Negotinska Krajina region of Serbia. He graduated in theology from the Adventist University of France at Collonges-sous-Salève. He continued his studies in Great Britain, obtaining his Master’s degree in theology from Newbold College. Finally, he received his Ph.D. degree in theology and philosophy from Andrews University in the United States of America. He has given lectures for a number of years in Russia, Australia, across Europe, in Canada and the United States of America.


What the Bible Really Says about Perfectionism

(Bible Study)

The question of Biblical perfection as a topic for discussion has a very long history. Adventism hasn’t been spared of the controversy which is still ranging in many of our local communities. In this workshop, we will engage with the topic of perfection in a fresh way, looking at the subject holistically and systematically. This seminar will develop an important theological framework for understanding biblical perfection. Overall, the workshop will argue that a properly defined concept of perfection will prevent us from claiming either too much or too little for what perfection in the Bible really is.

Wednesday 12.45-13.30 Room: 2F Capacity: 65


The Great Story of God

The Bible is not a philosophy book. It is a story book. Not just a many-stories book but a ONE-story book. For Christians whose faith is based on the Bible, this book is central, yet we often handle it selectively, hastily or in a disconnected manner. In this presentation we will learn how to read the Bible as it was intended by its divine Author - in a unified and coherent manner - as ONE story. Together, we will listen to the great story of God as it is told in the entire Bible - which maybe for some, will sound surprisingly new.

Friday 11:30-12:15 Room: 4C Capacity: 88 Part 1

Friday 12:45-13:30 Room: 4C Capacity: 88 Part 2



Jan Barna is a senior lecturer in systematic and biblical theology at Newbold College, UK, where he’s taught since 2002. Before his academic ministry, he worked as a pastor in his native country Slovakia. Jan is very passionate about making the Bible and theology understandable and accessible to all.


Preaching God's Word with Enthusiasm, Relevance and Conviction

Conveying God's Word as boring or irrelevant is an offense! In this workshop, we will be using practical examples to examine individual measures towards effective preaching. We will gain vital insights into forming structure from idea and advancing from source-text to completed sermon, as well as adding vigour to the finished product, delivering your message with vitality.

Wednesday 11:30-12:15 Room: 3B Capacity: 35


Effective Decision-Making Through Engaging Communication

How should decision-making in group-settings be formed? By what means can motivation, creative leeway and unity be promoted? The Who, When, Why and How of communication are the decisive factors.

Wednesday 12:45-13:30 Room: 3B Capacity: 35



Dr. Christoph Berger, former unchurched officer in the German military, was youth director in Italy and Germany after his conversion, and went on to become cofounder of the Youth in Mission Congress in Germany. He later served as a missionary in India and Thailand, and currently is president and lecturer of Bogenhofen Seminary and Academy in Austria.


Attachment: Emotional bonds in close relationships

We need closeness, but fear vulnerability. Negotiating closeness and vulnerability, managing needs and fears, is central to all relationships. Even more so, in the most intimate and emotionally important relationships. In this workshop we explore emotional dynamics and attachment patterns in order to better understand what makes and breaks relationships.

Wednesday 12:45-13:30 Room: 2E Capacity: 65

Friday 11:30-12:15 Room: 3F Capacity: 120


Fake Fillers

Estimates say that 1 out of 3 are addicted to something. We are not only talking about alcohol, tobacco and drugs. Social media, work, sex, exercise, food, attention, religion – the list of potential addictions is long. Addictions may be seen as ineffective attempts to cope with underlying problems and pains. But, when real solutions aren't found, vicious cycles of addictions may be created. Why is it so important not only to quit an addiction (fake filler), but to meet the true need with something that truly can satisfy (true filler)?

Thursday 11:30-12:15 Room: 4A Capacity: 50

Thursday 12:45-13:30 Room: 4A Capacity: 50



In 2016, Torben left his position as psychiatrist and director at the Depression department of a prestigious psychiatric hospital in Norway to work full-time for the church. He had long desired to contribute to the church through his competency within psychology and psychiatry, so when the call came to take on the responsibility as Health Ministries director in the Trans-European Division, it was an easy yes. He has a comprehensive perspective on health and believe that the mental, social and spiritual dimensions of life are just as important for good health and quality of life, as physical health. Having worked with patients in psychotherapy for years his special focus is on how we can enjoy deep, authentic and satisfying relationships with others and with God. This focus is also key as he coordinates Singles Ministries in the Trans-European Division.


Journeying Together Spiritually

A practical workshop dedicated for open dialogue. During this time you will have the opportunity to ask questions, to engage and explore as together we learn, listen, encourage and inspire.

Thursday 11:30-12:15 Room: 2I Capacity: 40

Friday 12:45-13:30 Room 2I Capacity: 40



Mario Brito

President of Inter-European Division (EUD)



President of Trans-European Division (TED)



Public Campus Ministries: The What, Why and How

Are you studying in a secular University? Do you want to reach your Campus for Christ? Good news - you're not alone.

There are currently around 1.5 million Adventists studying in secular Universities around the world - and God has started a powerful movement of students to share the everlasting gospel on their campuses. This workshop aims to share the 'what' and 'why' of Public Campus Ministries as well as giving some practical instruction on how to get started.

Wednesday 11:30-12:15 Room: 4A Capacity: 50

Wednesday 12:45-13:30 Room: 4A Capacity: 50


Reading the Bible with your Friends

Reading the Bible with your friends sounds terrifying, right? And anyway, that kind of stuff is only for pastors, not for your average young adult. That's what I thought, too. Until I tried it.

In this workshop, by looking at the principles of seeker Bible studies, personal experiences, as well some practical tips on how to go about it, we'll see how it's not just possible to open the Bible with your friends, but transformational.

Friday 11:30-12:15 Room: 3C Capacity: 35

Friday 12:45-13:30 Room: 2F Capacity: 65



Alex Browne studied Classics at Durham University, and having worked in local government, has now made the shift from all things ancient to study a Public Policy MA at King’s College London. Having served in leadership for public campus ministries, this has been a fundamental part of her spiritual experience, and has cultivated a deeper love for God and sharing Him with her friends. She loves dried mango, early morning sunrises, the British Library, and ‘Dad jokes’.


Mission in an Atheistic Context

What are the key ingredients in working with young people? What do Adventists need to learn or unlearn to follow Jesus’ example of missionary work? How can we connect with youth and help them to fall in love with Jesus? What do research findings reveal about effective ways of transmitting values and beliefs? Come and get excited by personal stories and examples (photos and clips) from work with youth in one of the most secular corners of Europe.

Wednesday 11.30-12.15 Room: 4C Capacity: 88 Part 1

Wednesday 12.45-13.30 Room: 4C Capacity: 88 Part 2


Six Secrets Nature Thrives By (Intro to Living Organically)

Take a closer look at six simple principles/forces present in nature, practical examples of how nature is thriving through them and also how both nature and humans are harmed when living in disharmony with these natural laws. These principles applied into everyday life can bring amazing results experiencing personal growth. Nature is simply full of amazing examples we can learn from. Interesting and often entertaining processes in nature may help us appreciate God's nature and take better care of it.

Thursday 11:30-12:15 Room: 3B Capacity: 35

Friday 12:45-13:30 Room: 4A Capacity: 50



Upon 14 years of missionary and outreach work in the Czech Republic, Petr presently works at Andrews University where he directs research in the Institute of Church Ministry, runs NCD America and teaches in the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary. Petr cofounded an Outreach Center in Liberec, Czech Republic in 2005, started a Gospel Generation Choir, planted a church, and worked for years with youth as a lecturer, coach and a counselor. Petr is married to Daniela, they have four kids (Timothy 22, Jonathan and Nathanael 20, Matthew 6) and live in Berrien Springs, Michigan.


"Rise and Walk"

How do you feel in a completely dark room when you cannot find the door? And when someone talks to you but you cannot understand what he or she says? And how does it feel when your hand would like to grab an object, but the object is too big for your hand? And, when you cannot even get out of bed to get a glass of water because of a broken leg, and you depend on others? How does it feel not to be autonomous? For many this is not just a temporary situation, but an integral part of their lives.

Wednesday 12:45-13:30 Room: 3D Capacity: 35



Corrado Cozzi has been an Italian Adventist Minister since 1983. In 1990 he was called to be the Youth Ministries Department Director as well as Sabbath School and Education Department Director. In November 1998, he was named Youth Ministries Department Director of the Euro-Africa Division, now Inter-European Division, and he held this charge until June 2010. Corrado Cozzi is married to Elsa Cupertino, and they have two sons: Pierluigi (35) and Marcoguido (32). Corrado is now the Communications Director and Deaf and Special Needs Ministry Liaison. His hobbies are Italian cooking, handcrafts, modalism and walking in nature.



Bad Things DO Happen to Good People

(Bible Study)

Christians often quote Bible verses like ‘You are a hiding place for me; you preserve me from trouble!’ (Psalm 32:7). But if we look around, many Christians are not preserved from trouble. How can God let bad things happen to good people? In this workshop we will look at what the Bible says about this topic, which theologians call ‘Theodicy.’

Thursday 11:30-12:15 Room: 3E Capacity: 30

Thursday 12:45-13:30 Room: 4B Capacity: 47


This is My Father's World... or This World is Not My Home

What should Adventists think about ecology and the environment? Should we care about climate change or ignore it? How do we juggle the idea that God will destroy this world to make it new, with God’s command to the first humans to take care of it? In this workshop we will discuss what the Bible says about ecology. We will also look at some practical tips to reduce our ecological footprint.

Wednesday 11:30-12:15 Room: 3G Capacity: 120

Wednesday 12:45-13:30 Room: 2G Capacity: 65



Tom de Bruin, PhD, Lecturer in New Testament Exegesis at Newbold College, UK, previously served as Youth Director of the Netherlands Union, Executive Secretary, Communications Director, and as a pastor. He has degrees from the University of Groningen (B.Sc. Computing Science), University of Amsterdam (Graduate Diploma in Religious Studies), Newbold College (License in Theology and M.A. Theology) and Leiden University (PhD New Testament Exegesis).

Tom is profoundly interested in contemporary, post-Christian people, societies, and philosophy. He regularly speaks and publishes on this topic, and currently is trying very hard to finish his book: Metamodern Mission: Reaching post-Christian Europe. You can keep up-to-date on his website and blog:



Adventist Identity and You

An exploring, challenging and yet faith affirming look at Adventist identity in light of Adventist history and the New Testament. We will consider questions such as: 1) How Adventism started and the Adventist identity developed through the early years of our church history? 2) How does the New Testament view Christian identity? 3) What can we learn for the future from our Adventist history? What is the relationship between an individual identity and a corporate identity? What is the importance of being part of a re-thinking movement today?

Wednesday 11.30-12.15 Room: 4D Capacity: 80 Part 1

Wednesday 12.45-13.30 Room: 4D Capacity: 80 Part 2


God's vision for your life and for your church

(Bible Study)

Do you ever find yourself on autopilot? Do you ever find yourself thinking, "The choices that I make, and what I do with my life don't matter all that much?" How about our church? What do you think God wants for us as a community of believers? A practical and an exciting exploratory look at how an ancient Bible text throws light on God’s vision for you personally and us as a community of believers.

Friday 11:30-12:15 Room: 4B Capacity: 47

Friday 12:45-13:30 Room: 4B Capacity: 47



Dr Daniel Duda has served at the Trans-European Division in St Albans, England since 2005 and is currently the Field Secretary and also the Adventist Mission and Education Director. Previously he was a Principal Lecturer in Theology in the Department of Theological Studies at Newbold College of Higher Education.

Prior to coming to Newbold in 1998, Dr Duda served as a pastor, evangelist, Theology lecturer and Ministerial Secretary in the Czecho-Slovakian Union. He has also worked in Russia as Head of the Theology Department and Academic Dean at Zaoksky Theological Seminary (now Zaoksky Adventist University).

Dr Duda enjoys studying the Bible and sharing the results of his studies with others. His other interests include computers, cars and photography. He is married to Viera and they have two adult sons, Marek (31) and Roman (29).


Your Health - where happiness, service and ecology meet. Choose all-in-one!

When God created the earth for men and women, all was tov (Hebrew), very good in all manners - a continual delight, optimal health, harmonious relationships and an idyllic environment. Even in our fallen world, God’s original path to health and happiness is still the way. Learn about principles to optimize your health, increase your fitness level, balance your body weight, feel and look great, and at the same time contribute to the protection of the environment. Get equipped to share the good news of holistic health with the world. Be at your best for service to God and men. Make your journey great!

Thursday 11:30-12:15 Room: 3D Capacity: 35

Friday 12:45-13:30 Room: 3D Capacity: 35



Valérie is the Director of the Health Ministries Department at the Inter-European Division of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. She is an economist, a licensed dietician and holds a Master in Public Health. She has travelled extensively to share the good news of healthy living with children, youth and adults alike. Valérie is passionate to share the Adventist Health message, its depth of science, its adaptation for our time, the great need for it in today’s world and how it testifies of a loving and all-knowing God.


We are 98% similar to chimpanzees. So what?

In this workshop we will analyze some of the arguments often used to support evolution, such as the similarities between humans and chimpanzees, discovering that they can be interpreted in many different ways. Are you ready to discover how much do you resemble a chimpanzee? And, what is more important: What does that really mean?

Thursday 11:30-12:15 Room: 1D Capacity: 150 (Spanish)

Thursday 12:45-13:30 Room: 3G Capacity: 120 (English)


Dr. Noemí Duran is the director of the European branch office of the Geoscience Research Institute. She received her degree in Biology and a graduate diploma on Socio-Environmental Education from the University of Valencia, Spain, and her PhD in Marine Biology from Loma Linda University, California, where she studied sea turtle ecology and conservation. Noemí started working as a science high school teacher, but later she changed her career to animal conservation in zoological institutions. She was the first director of education at L’Oceanografic of Valencia, the largest aquarium in Europe, and was as well in charge of the education and conservation programs at El Parc de les Aus, a zoo specialized in birds located near Barcelona. In her current position, Noemí enjoys combining her two most dear passions: education and nature. She travels across Europe lecturing and teaching about Creation, develops educational materials to promote Creation and care for nature, and continues her research on sea turtle conservation.




Positive and negative religion: How to deal with spiritual abuse

In our seminar we will be reflecting on the value of religion, on the difference between religion and personal faith. We will discuss the following questions: How does personal faith grow? What are the effects of a positive faith over against a negative faith? What is spiritual abuse and how can an affected person overcome its negative effects? How can we lead a happy life as imperfect persons under the eyes of a perfect God?

Thursday 11:30-12:15 Room: 4F Capacity: 88 Part 1

Thursday 12:45-13:30 Room: 4F Capacity: 88 Part 2


My church a safe place?

How to deal with sexual abuse

The church is God´s temple, a safe place to live and grow. Yet sometimes it is also a place where children and youth experience sexual harassment, even abuse. in this workshop we will try to understand sexual abuse and its destructive dynamic. What does it do to the victims and their personality? Lastly we will find out ways how to make the church a safer place.

Friday 12:45-13:30 Room: 3B Capacity: 35



Johann has been a pastor and professor for pastoral theology at Friedensau University in Germany. He is a father of three. His interest is in the area where theology meets the reality of life in joyous and difficult situations. He is currently leading a commission against spiritual and sexual abuse of children in the SDA church. He has written a book with the title: "Faith without fear". In his free time he goes visiting his grand children or goes kayaking and mountain biking.


How to Find the Love of Your Life

In this workshop we will discover the 7 secrets of lifelong love. These are the non-negotiable factors for finding the person you will marry and spend the rest of your life with. If you are already married, these secrets will elevate the quality of your relationship and deepen your love for one another.

Thursday 11:30-12:15 Room 1A Capacity: 718

Thursday 12:45-13:30 Room 3A Capacity: 390


How to Change Everything in Your Life for the Better

There is one thing more important than anything else. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it. It is the one secret that will make all the issues of life fall into place. In this lecture, you will discover this powerful secret.

Wednesday 15:30-17:00 Room: 1A Capacity: 718


How to Live Life at the Centre of God’s Love

Life can be hard. We all face challenges and decisions. Many issues come to us at lightning speed. But there if you live your life at the center of God’s love, everything else make sense. In this lecture we will expand our vision of God’s love.

Thursday 15:30-17:00 Room: 1A Capacity: 718



At the age of eighteen Ty encountered the truth of God’s existence for the first time. After having been raised with a purely secular worldview and having witnessed evil and suffering firsthand, Ty was completely opposed to the idea of a Supreme Being. “If God exists,” he reasoned, “He would have to be cruel to have made a world like ours?” Ty’s conversion as a teenager was founded on the answer to that question. The powerful reality of God’s love opened Ty’s mind to a whole new line of thought. Since then he has given his life to the joyous task of sharing God’s good character in public seminars as well as through print and video media.


Holy brand, I worship you

What if consumerism is a new religion? Why do I buy that specific brand? Is my identity in God or in my purchases? Am I aware of it? Consumption is acquiring a growing identity function. We will analyse brands as a new form of spirituality because of their essential role in the lives of individuals and society, beyond their commercial nature, positioning them as constructors of meaning, bringing worldviews together and making sense of reality. When brands are our new golden calves, how can we focus on a journey with Christ?

Wednesday 11:30-12:15 Room: 1D Capacity: 150 (Spanish)

Friday 11:30-12:15 Room 1A Capacity: 718 (English)



Samuel loves the Gospel and creativity. He is a PhD student, and holds Pre Doctoral Master in Communication, Degree in Advertising and Degree in Theology. He is also a director of the outreach project , which includes a book and seven short movies.




The Power of Motion for a Better Journey

To move or not to move? Physical activity is a significant key variable for living life to the fullest physically, mentally and spiritually. Our generation is facing a huge epidemic of physical inactivity, which negatively impacts quality of life and contributes to disease and early death. This workshop will showcase the power of motion scientifically and practically in relevant ways providing applicable resources to design a personalized fitness for life!

Wednesday 11:30-12:15 Room: 2E Capacity: 65

Thursday 12:45-13:30 Room: 2E Capacity: 65


Dominique was born and raised in Germany and is now the Director for University Health & Wellness at Andrews University, Michigan, USA. She is also a Certified Personal Trainer and a Certified Wellness Practitioner. She was one of the first ‘Exercise is Medicine Specialists’ (Level 1) in the United States through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). In October 2011, Dominique was awarded ‘Top 11 Personal Trainers to Watch in the U.S.’ by Life Fitness and the American Council on Exercise and in May 2016, Dominique received the ‘Community Leadership Award’ from the U.S. President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition. She is a passionate, energetic and innovative health, wellness and fitness expert and regularly contributes articles to the ‘American Council on Exercise’ (ACE).




10 ways to grow a great relationship

This workshop will help you to discover 10 simple ways to grow better relationships with almost anyone! Each positive relational principle is based on the way Jesus treated people, and the practical advice that Paul sprinkles throughout his letters to the early churches. Once you know about these 10 concepts you will be even better equipped to show God’s love to a hurting world.

Wednesday 11:30-12:15 Room: 2H Capacity: 65

Wednesday 12:45-13:30 Room: 2H Capacity: 65


Karen is the family ministries director for the Trans European Division. She has ten years experience as a family therapist and loves to help people experience better relationships. Karen also enjoys writing, walking and being creative. She has been married for more than 30 years to Pastor Bernie Holford, and they have three adult children and three little grandchildren.




Sharing Jesus Online

We all use social media. What is life without it? Ninety percent of 16- 24 years olds own a smart phone. Most of them are active on social media, some spending more time online than asleep. It is where life now happens! Does that include our Christian life or should we keep that hidden on social media? How can we best social media for Jesus without alienating our non-Christian friends and setting us up for bullying? In this workshop we will look at some of the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of sharing our faith on social media, how to do it naturally as part of our everyday life, and share some tips as to how both individuals and youth groups can make a social media impact on their communities.

Thursday 12:45-13:30 Room: 3B Capacity: 35

Friday 11:30-12:45 Room: 3B Capacity: 35



Victor feels thrilled to get paid for his hobby! Whether flying a drone, hosting a TV programme or sharing his latest photo or V-blog on Facebook he successfully manages to combine his work life as Trans-European Division Communication director with an ability to share his faith online with his unchurches neighbours and friends. He may be better on Facebook than Snapchat – but he can share a few tips that might surprise you!




Healthy Spirituality

The results of some resent researches show that 87% of church members and 92% of pastors felt the need for personal spiritual renewal. This surely reflects the desire of many of us. But the question needs to be asked as to what spiritual renewal actually looks like. Or more specifically, what does it mean to be spiritual? We will seek to answer this question in 4 steps, at the end of which you will have developed your own Bible study guide on spirituality.

Thursday 12:45-13:30 Room: 3C Capacity: 35

Friday 12:45-13:30 Room: 3A Capacity: 390



Patrick was born in Jamaica, but grew up in the UK. He is married to Kari who comes from the northernmost town in the world, Hammerfest (Norway) and they have 3 children (Espen, Miriam and Christel). Patrick enjoys music and sport and is currently finishing off his doctoral studies with King’s College London on the topic of disability. He has been in pastoral ministry for over 25 years and currently serves as the Ministerial Secretary and Sabbath School and Personal Ministries Director at the Trans European Division.




The Power of Your Story

“To be a person is to have a story to tell, to tell a story, somebody has to listen.” (Isak Dinesen – Leif G. Engedal)

Few things are so heavily consumed and yet so little consciously utilized as stories. We spend lots of time and money on them (books, games, movies, etc.), create them, advertise with them, and even think in story structure, yet we are hardly aware of the spiritual, personal and social importance of stories in everyday life. This workshop offers a crash course in... a)... diggin into God's big narrative, b)... acknowledging our own individual story, c)... developing curiosity and openness for other people's stories, ... and thereby building communities, sharing the Gospel and changing this world, one story at a time.

Thursday 12:45-13:30 Room: 2I Capacity: 40

Friday 11:30-12:15 Room: 2G Capacity: 65




Raised in a multi-cultural family in Germany, Angelika Kaiser heard all kinds of stories floating around from early on. Leaving a deep impact on her (from utter joy to existential crises), they foremost provoked curiosity for people. And that stuck. After studying literature, modern & Biblical languages, and theology, she is currently completing her PhD in Italian Linguistics. Together with her husband Denis, a church historian (even more stories there!), she lives in Michigan/USA, experiencing their own story while listening to those of others, present and past. Especially the study of Biblical narratives has become a source of constant awe and motivation for their walk with God and fellow humans.




Names. Jesus.

(Bible Study)

No-one would start their book with a long list of strange names. Well, no-one except for Matthew. For some reason he chose to start the story of Jesus with a sweeping genealogy where many names are completely unknown to us. Could it be that Matthew had something important to tell us through this list? In this Bible study workshop we will dive in the world of names and see how everything really does revolve around Jesus, both in history as well as in our own lives.

Friday 11:30-12:15 Room: 3E Capacity: 30

Friday 12:45-13:30 Room: 3E Capacity: 30




Mervi Kalmus comes from Estonia and holds two Master’s Degrees: one in Linguistics from Tartu University and another in Theology from Newbold College of Higher Education. She grew up in the Seventh-day Adventist church as a pastor's kid. She currently serves the church in the Estonian Conference, working as the director of the departments of education, Sabbath School, and personal ministries, and as an assistant coordinator of church planting. In addition, she is a contract lecturer in Estonian Baptist Seminary and Newbold College of Higher Education.




Mingling of Souls: God's design for Love, Sex, Romance and Marriage

We are going to have an honest conversation about current attitudes towards sex, love and relationships. How does the Bible inform and guide us today on these issues? How do we faithfully follow Jesus and reflect His character in our romantic relationships? Is marriage still applicable? Let’s talk to together about how can we remain engaged, relevant and helpful on these issues while fulfilling our mission to proclaim the Gospel.

Thursday 11:30-12:15 Room: 3A Capacity: 390

Thursday 12:45-13:30 Room: 1A Capacity: 718


Joy in the Journey

(Bible Study)


Wednesday 12:45-13:30 Room: main hall Capacity: 5664


Sam Leonor loves his work as Chaplain to the students and faculty of La Sierra University. His ministry is marked by a call to radical faith in Jesus. He loves finding ways to engage culture deeply for the sake of the Gospel. He has devoted his ministry to helping young adults bloom into a faith that is growing, full of love and mission oriented. His hobbies include making music, eating good food, and having good conversations with family and friends. Sam was raised in Central America where his parents were part of developing church and health care missions. He has degrees from Southern Adventist University and Andrews University. He is married to Shelley Campbell. They have two children, Alexandra (born in 2000), and a son, Micah (born in 2003).




“Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus: A fresh Look at some of the most puzzling sayings of Jesus.”

(Bible Study)

Jesus was born, lived and taught in the setting of first century Judaism. We often forget that background and read into the words of Jesus things that have never been there while sometimes miss the meaning of his teaching. What was there in the calling of the disciples that they dropped their nets and followed Jesus suddenly? What does it mean to have a good eye? What is hidden in a name?  In this workshop we will look at some of the saying of Jesus and try to understand them in their original setting in order to be able to apply them to our life today.

Thursday 12:45-13:30 Room: 3E Capacity: 30


Is God a Moral Monster?

One of the greatest challenges the Old Testament poses is a picture of God that is apparently cruel, violent, and biased. How can a God of love command the genocide of wholesale populations? How can a God of mercy demand the merciless extermination of entire people groups? This seminar will look at some of the most troublesome texts of the Old Testament and bring some light to these difficult questions.

Friday 11:30-12:15 Room: 4F Capacity: 88 Part 1

Friday 12:45-13:30 Room: 4F Capacity: 88 Part 2



Barna, ThD, is currently serving as the executive secretary of the Inter-European Division, but he worked as a pastor, director for several departments, and as a theology teacher. He is married with Noémi and is a happy father of a teenager, Blanka. His hobbies are: reading, table tennis, walking in nature, and whenever possible, swimming.


Different religions. Same God? How to relate to people of different worldviews.

How shall we perceive people of other worldviews? Do different religious paths ultimately lead to the same goal? Do Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, Jews, Christians and people of other faith traditions ultimately relate to the same God even though they express it differently based on their respective cultures and histories? How shall I perceive my friend who has a different worldview – as one who is living in darkness? As one who is partially living in the light? Or as one who is in the light, but only differently than I am? In this workshop, we will discover how we can relate to people of other religions and worldviews in the light of the Bible.

Thursday 11:30-12:15 Room 3C Capacity: 35

Thursday 12:45-13:30 Room 4C Capacity: 88


Where the rubber meets the road. Letting the Bible speak into our times.

(Bible Study)

Adventist pioneers spoke into the lives of the people of their times. How can we let the Bible speak into people’s lives today?  In this workshop, we will discover how biblical stories relate to us and our contemporary friends in deeply meaningful ways. Together, we will discover authentic biblical stories and see how they relate to us and our friends, irrespective of our personal and religious backgrounds.

Wednesday 11:30-12:15 Room 2F Capacity: 65



Simret studied Theology in Bogenhofen (Austria) and in Friedensau (Germany). Besides serving as Pastor, he currently leads PRESENCE kulturlounge, a cultural centre in Frankfurt am Main where people come together to experience inspiration and good encounters through different cultural and spiritual activities. Simret just finished his M.A. Thesis in Transcultural Studies at Heidelberg University, Germany.  His passion lies in experiencing culture and people as sources of inspiration and in exploring how biblical and Adventist faith personally relate to us today. Simret loves music, reading, quality time with friends and good Ethiopian food.




How can I be an agent of social justice?

Do I, as a young Adventist have a role to play in this world of injustice, inequality, poverty and distress? Can I make a positive difference in this world, while waiting for the return of Christ? How can I leave an Adventist footprint in the society? At this workshop you get some ideas regarding these and other questions related to the active participation of the Adventist Youth in this broken world. For God asks us “Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow.” Is. 1:17.

Thursday 11:30-12:15 Room: 3F Capacity: 120

Friday 12:45-13:30 Room: 3C Capacity: 35



Born in Lisbon, Portugal, João is presently the Executive Director of ADRA Europe, after having served ADRA in Angola and Portugal. With a management background and a Masters in Applied Development Studies his motivation is to serve the Lord showing His love for Humanity. João is a passionate about the Adventist Youth, acting for many years as a youth leader at the national level in his country. He is married and father of an 11 years old boy.


How to conquer a shopping mall: what contemporary culture does to us and what to do about that

Fundamental truth #1: We are what we love. Fundamental truth #2: Our love is formed by what we do, repeatedly. Therefore, let us we first become aware of how our contemporary lifestyle we are immersed into - our shopping malls, our popular culture, our media, our gadgets ... is training us to love the wrong kingdom. And let us then decide to love the right kingdom. And let us learn how to shape our love for the right kingdom using the wisdom the commercial strategists of this world seem to know better then us.

Wednesday 11:30-12:15 Room: 3A Capacity: 390

Friday 11:30-12:15 Room: 2F Capacity: 65



A theologian and Christian activist (an ADRA Serbia guy). Lover of life. Nourished by Biblical narratives, prophetic music and movies, and fearless thinkers. Believer in people and the invincibility of ideas.


Why does God tolerate bad leaders? Is the church still reliable?

The Bible is rich in examples of crushing failures, which started as great successes. Who is responsible for these falls: God, the church system, the leaders? Is it still worth joining the church, so much the more when some leaders disappoint us?

The workshop is a case study about the unpardonable errors in spiritual leadership and the way we might survive them.

Wednesday 12:45-13:30 Room: 3C Capacity: 35


Marius Munteanu is currently serving as the Education and Chaplaincy Director of the Inter-European Division. Previously he worked in Romania as pastor, AMiCUS chaplain, Conference and Union departmental director, Conference, University and Union president and as a practical theology teacher. Marius has been happily married to Loriana for 20 years, and they have been blessed to be the parents of Cezara for the past 15 years.



Spiritual Gifts

(Bible Study)

The Lord has a special gift for every youth. The bestowal, the discovery, the use and the upkeep of the gifts; A journey necessary for local church involvement. The focus is how these gifts can be expressed at the local church. What opportunities are available for each gift? Who are the key people in the journey? What is the role of the Holy Spirit, nuclear family and the church family? Why should the gifts of the youth be recognised and embraced? These questions must necessarily answered to align the energies of the youth and their giftedness with the proclamation of the gospel.

Wednesday 12:45-13:30 Room: 2A Capacity: 57

Thursday 12:45-13:30 Room: 2F Capacity: 65

Friday 12:45-13:30 Room: main hall Capacity: 5664





Pako Mokgwane is the first born child of Thulaganyo and Masego Mokgwane and has two siblings, Boikgapo and Ogaufi and his wife, Ayakha. Pako is a Pastor's Kid. He is inspired by the lyrics of the hymn "We Speak of the Realms." It awakens the reality of the Maranatha motif—Jesus is coming again!

Pako draws strength from 1 Timothy 4:12, "Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity." Pako is passionate about Youth Evangelism through the various forms of media. Media and physical opportunities prompt each young person do their part to expedite the coming of the Lord, contributing to Total YOUTH Involvement (TYI). He is very sociable and outgoing.

Pako is a product of Adventist Education, from Primary School to Graduate School. He completed both his Bachelor's Degree (Andrews University, Berrien Springs, MI, 2004) and his Master's Degree (Adventist University of Africa, Kenya, 2015) in Theology. He most recently served as the Youth, Stewardship, and Communications Director for the Botswana Union Conference after first serving in both North Botswana and South Botswana Conferences. He is currently Associate Youth Director of the General Conference.



Where are my roots?

We all need to belong… to a place, to a group, to someone… Our belongings tell a lot about who we are. If we don’t choose some of our belongings, we can use our freedom to decide where to plant many of our roots. Moreover, our attachment to God can be a key to choose many of our other belongings… In this workshop, we’ll consider belonging on different aspects, including some reflections about the joy (or not) of belonging to the Church.

Friday 12:45-13:30 Room: 2H Capacity: 65


Pilgrims on this earth

We are all the foreigner of someone, and many around us are foreign to us. In fact, we are all foreigners and migrants. That’s because we are all pilgrims on this earth that the Bible is so keen to encourage us to respect those whom we consider as foreigners. In this workshop, we’ll go step by step in the Bible to discover what it says about this topic and discuss how as Christians we can act accordingly.

Wednesday 12:45-13:30 Room: 2I Capacity: 40

Thursday 11:30-12:15 Room: 4C Capacity: 88



Gabriel is a youth leader, pastor, theologian, radio columnist. He presently teaches practical theology at the Adventist faculty of theology in Collonges-sous-Salève, France. In 2013-2014 he took a sabbatical to live his dream of traveling around the world for one year with his family.




Healthy Planet, Healthy You

There are many environmental problems today which are making the Earth "sick". Environmental challenges differ between countries, but we all have a role in keeping our home planet healthy. In this workshop we will discuss current environmental problems, various possible solutions, and practical individual actions that not only will help the planet but will as well help us to live better.

Friday 11:30-12:15 Room: 2E Capacity: 65

Friday 12:45-13:30 Room: 2E Capacity: 65



Birgir Vilhelm Óskarsson was born in Iceland and lives south of Reykjavík with his wife Sonja Guðnadóttir and two children. He is a geologist and works in researches in the field of volcanology and with geological mapping.


Noemí Duran is the director of the European branch office of the Geoscience Research Institute. She received her degree in Biology and a graduate diploma on Socio-Environmental Education from the University of Valencia, Spain, and her PhD in Marine Biology from Loma Linda University, California, where she studied sea turtle ecology and conservation. Noemí started working as a science high school teacher, but later she changed her career to animal conservation in zoological institutions. She was the first director of education at L’Oceanografic of Valencia, the largest aquarium in Europe, and was as well in charge of the education and conservation programs at El Parc de les Aus, a zoo specialized in birds located near Barcelona. In her current position, Noemí enjoys combining her two most dear passions: education and nature. She travels across Europe lecturing and teaching about Creation, develops educational materials to promote Creation and care for nature, and continues her research on sea turtle conservation.



Mortal Combat (Genesis 32)

(Bible Study)

A fight between a mortal and... the Divine? A curious scene, where Jacob struggles with a mystery man – who is he? What is the point of the fight? Is Jacob able to win against God and can he now control the Divine? Now is your chance to join The Treasure Hunt live: come and take a look into the contents of our next episode and join the discussion! The Treasure Hunt is a Vlog, a journey into discovering the Bible – its stories, wisdom, poems, proverbs, prophecies, history and all the treasures that are inside it, waiting to be found. This workshop dives deep into the biblical story and text, asking questions and hunting for answers about the puzzling meeting between Jacob and the mystery man in Genesis 32. Come and join The Treasure Hunt!

Wednesday 11:30-12:15 Room: 4B Capacity: 47

Wednesday 12:45-13:30 Room: 4B Capacity: 47




I grew up in Finland, surrounded by lakes and forests. My teenage years were rough, and I struggled with drugs, alcohol and anxiety. All of it led me to a point where I had to choose between life and death, and choosing life meant also choosing God. He guided me through years of struggle, rooted me in His Church and led me to study Theology in order to know Him better. During my Theology Studies I discovered a deep passion for the Biblical Hebrew language and the Old Testament Narratives. Translating and studying the Old Testament in Hebrew became my way of learning more about God, His plan and His will. Through this intensive study of the Word grew also the wish to share my journey of discovering the strange, uplifting, encouraging, puzzling and life-changing texts of the Bible. That’s how our Vlog, The Treasure Hunt, came into existence. Currently I am working as a pastor in Bavaria, South Germany.


The Sex God or The God of Sex

Human sexuality is a blessing that our Creator has bestowed upon us. However, as of all the blessings of God, the gift of intimacy has been abused by Satan. Widespread but secret use of porn reveals its power upon human nature and the struggle with which many of us are facing. This workshop is meant to reveal the deadly influence of porn, some of the misconceptions regarding it and also some of the ways Christians should guard themselves from the influence of it.

Wednesday 11:30-12:15 Room: 2I Capacity: 40

Friday 11:30-12:15 Room: 2H Capacity: 65



I am a husband and a father of four. In 2016 I finished my MA in Theology at Friedensau University. Currently I am working in the Baltic Union as a leader for Youth and Evangelism departments. I am also actively involved in planting a church in Vilnius, Lithuania. I find my passion in areas such as church health, innovative evangelism and theology.


Black and white: the Ellen White I never knew

Ellen lived through some difficult times - in her family, the church, the wider world. With knowledge of her back-story you can make better sense of what she says. She is not just a distant, negative voice. She was a human being - with feelings and faults. She has some important things to say...even in 2017.

Thursday 11:30-12:15 Room: 4D Capacity: 80 Part 1

Thursday 12:45-13:30 Room: 4D Capacity: 80 Part 2


Mike Pearson is officially retired after spending much of his working life teaching ethics and philosophy at Newbold College. He continues to teach and support students as well as doing some writing. His passion is finding ways of sustaining faith and creating community while living in a secular society. He walks every day to maintain some inner balance. His children and grandchildren try to make sure that his feet remain on the ground.



Contemporary Levites

You can be a Levite today. Let's study the Levite biblical musical ministry and its application to the SDA current reality. We will also touch on how to effectively lead worship in a multicultural-multigenerational church.

Thursday 11:30-12:15 Room: 2E Capacity: 65 (English)

Thursday 12:45-13:30 Room 1D Capacity: 150 (Spanish)


Make a Joyful Noise!

What the Bible says about the use of musical instruments in worship? Come and learn best practices to contextualize musical instruments in worship today.

Friday 11:30-12:15 Room: 3A Capacity: 390 (English)

Friday 12:45-13:30 Room 1D Capacity: 150 (Spanish)



Adriana is currently a Professor of Music at Andrews University, where she works as a chair of the Music Department and teaches Music Composition and Theory. She is passionate about Jesus and how to worship Him through music. Mrs. Perera is the author of numerous articles and 2 books on Music and Worship: "In Spirit and Truth" published by Pacific Press (2013) and "More than Music: Worship"published by Biblio Publishing (2017). She is a prolific composer and her musical works have been performed throughout the world. She is married to Francisco Burgos, a Spanish and Literature Professor and author. God has blessed them with two children: Laia, who plays Violin and Guitar and Marcos, who plays Percussion and Guitar.


What you need to know about the end time – A survival kit for living in the last days of this earth

“I am a child of God – get me out of here!” Lots of bad things are happening in the jungle camp we are in. How to survive and come out a winner? Our great star has been through it all before us and has come out victorious. He can tell us how to live in this world without getting lost. With Jesus at your side, you will surely get the award!

Wednesday 11:30-12:15 Room: 2G Capacity: 65

Wednesday 12:45-13:30 Room: 3G Capacity: 120


Is it still reasonable to believe that Jesus is coming soon and do we play a part in it? (2 Peter 3)

(Bible Study)

The first Christians believed that Jesus would return very soon, but others made fun of their ‘naïve’ expectation. Peter, a close friend of Jesus, gives strong reasons for still believing in the promise and explains the ‘delay’ of the advent. Do we share responsibility for when it will happen and what difference does Christ’s coming make after all?

Thursday 11:30-12:15 Room: 4B Capacity: 47

Thursday 12:45-13:30 Room: 2A Capacity: 57



Rolf is Professor of Systematic Theology at Friedensau Adventist University in Germany. He loves to teach, preach, and write. His hobbies are reading, travelling, and photography.



Meeting People Where They Are

“The strongest argument in favour of the gospel is a loving and lovable Christian.” Adventism should be beautiful and attractive, not repulsive. The truth is that many who are put off by the church, or Christianity in general, are not reacting to the message, but rather to the way we represent it. In this workshop we will engage with the question of how to relate to others in a faithful, tactful, and Christ-centred way.

Wednesday 12:45-13:30 Room 1A Capacity: 718

Friday 12:45-13:30 Room 3G Capacity: 120

Applying Scripture to Your Life: A User-Friendly Approach (2 Parts)

Many of us crave a more meaningful devotional experience with the Bible. We read, but we often find it difficult to connect Scripture to everyday life. The Bible is for more than just reading or interpretation––it is designed for personal application. The method in this seminar can deeply enrich our experience with the Bible, providing practical approaches to apply its principles and reflect them in our lives.

Part 1: Wednesday 15:30-17:00 Room: 3A Capacity: 390

Part 2: Thursday 15:30-17:00 Room: 3A Capacity: 390


Jeffrey Rosario has been a featured speaker all over the world, including places like Nepal and New Zealand. He has been in ministry since he was 17 years old. He is currently pursuing graduate studies in history at Yale University. Jeffrey is married to Marianna, a nurse, and they currently live in Connecticut, USA.



Out in the Deep

Using creative psychological tools, together we will explore some of the things that are holding you back from becoming the person God intends you to be, and how you can grow more into your truest self.

Friday 12:45-13:30 Room: 3F Capacity: 120


Belinda is a psychologist who specialises in creative modes of expression. She commonly lectures and holds workshops on psychology, creativity, philosophy and Biblical studies. She is fascinated by the human being, both practically in terms of what makes us tick, and theoretically, how our deeper parts affect various aspects of our lives.



Practical tips when joining God in caring for creation

God trusted us with his splendid creation. We have failed to care for it. Our greediness is causing huge damage to forests and wildlife, too much waste and too many carbon dioxide emissions. In this workshop we will dig into questions like "How am I, as a young Christian, to relate to such difficult issues?", "Does how I choose to live, make a difference?" and "Where to start? What do I do?". We will explore practical ways of living an ordinary life that supports God’s plan for a sustainable and flourishing creation.

Wednesday 11:30-12:15 Room: 3F Capacity: 120

Wednesday 12:45-13:30 Room: 3A Capacity: 390



Karianne’s heart burns for people who have no voice because society considers them a problem they would rather not deal with. For many years, Karianne worked with the most addicted drug users in Oslo, as a volunteer with The Marita Foundation, a Christian organization working to provide care for some of the most vulnerable around us. She is also a member of a small team that organizes the “Process” conference – an event that seeks to speak honestly about life and inspire people to seek a sustainable faith where God’s love is the driving force in the everyday. Besides her passion for the small ones in Gods kingdom, she is also passionate about trying to live a sustainable life that cares for our planet. Karianne grew up as an Adventist and lives in Oslo, the capital of Norway, with her husband and son. She holds a Master’s Degree in Culture and Community Psychology from the University of Oslo, with special focus on preventive social work among minority youth. Before becoming a mother, she was teaching Psychology at a small Christian university in the south of Norway.



Today’s Teens and Twentysomethings in Europe: Church and Culture

The church is losing its children. Research has revealed that more than two thirds of the next generation leave their congregations during their teens and early 20s, not least for cultural reasons. Without these adolescents and young adults the church has no viable future. While youth are able to make their way without church, the church will definitely not make its way without youth.

Thursday 12:45-13:30 Room: 2G Capacity: 65


Today’s Teens and Twentysomethings in Europe: Beliefs and Values

At some point in history, beliefs and values of today’s teens and twentysomethings in Europe have developed diametrically opposed to those taught by the church and handed down from one generation to the next. While the identification rapidly shrinks, the gap is increasing. At no time tradition was passed on by preserving the ashes. Tradition is always about passing on the flame.

Friday 11:30-12:15 Room: 4A Capacity: 50



Raised in the Eastern part of Germany, Alex has served for more than ten years as a pastor and youth director of the Berlin Central German Conference which covers one of Europe’s most secular areas. In 2012 he obtained his doctorate at Andrews University researching youth and key factors of faith development. Currently Alex is teaching at Friedensau University as a professor for applied theology. He is in love with his wife Melanie, with which he had three sons, in 2000, 2003, and 2005 showing that Alex is more than familiar with the target group of the AYC 2017.


Creative Bible Study

I would love to open your eyes to the possibilities of how to study the Bible. I want you to explore and think about some ways that you may not have thought of before. One size does not fit all because we are all different in temperament and learning styles. Come and experience some of the ways for yourself.

Wednesday 11:30-12:15 Room: 3C Capacity 35

Bible Journaling

Journaling in your Bible will open up a whole new way to spend time with God.

It is all about reading and studying the Word and letting it lead you to be creative in the way you memorize and record Scripture.

Bible Journaling is an artistic way to worship God and connect with the Scriptures. As you are writing, drawing, colouring and embellishing the pages, you are also meditating over the words and thinking about what God is teaching you. Bible Journaling is a tangible, visual way to remember Scripture and connect with it personally. When you journal on the pages of your Bible you create for the Creator!

Thursday 12:45-13:30 Room: 3D Capacity: 35









Clair is Children and Women’s Ministries Director for the Trans-European Division in St. Albans, United Kingdom. She is married to John who is a pastor and a psychologist and together they have two sons. She was born in the Netherlands but, as a young girl, moved to Australia where she lived for 11 years. She then moved back to the Netherlands and started working for the Netherlands Union. Clair loves creative things: making cards, knitting, colouring and trying new things. She is especially likes Bible Journaling. She also loves reading and sports.



The Plant Powered Life

Health and happiness begins with what we put on our plates. As Adventists we have been among the first to promote a plant based diet.Science is catching up and showing the overwhelming power of a plant based lifestyle in improving life quality and preventing disease. We want to share the joy and benefits of a plant based diet and provide practical steps and an accessible roadmap to long-term wellness and a vibrant body, mind, and spirit.

Thursday 11:30-12:15 Room: 2H Capacity: 65

Thursday 12:45-13:30 Room: 2H Capacity: 65



Carina is a physician and specialises in paediatric medicine. She lives in Norway and is currently teaching and researching at the university of Oslo and doing a PhD on the role of diet in prevention of disease. She is passionate about plant based cooking and loves outdoor adventures.



Michael is a physician and currently specialising in family medicine in Austria. He is excited about preventive medicine and the power of a healthy lifestyle. In his free time you can find him on a mountain trail, a beachvolley court or training for his next triathlon.

Michael and Carina are brother and sister.


Unsatisfied Generation

More and more young people do not feel satisfied with where they are going in life and are looking for something more. In this workshop, we will discover how meaningful living in God’s light can be and exploring ways in which to do so.

Wednesday 11:30-12:15 Room: 1A Capacity: 718

Thursday 11:30-12:15 Room: main hall Capacity: 5664

Friday 11:30-12:15 Room: 3G Capacity: 120




Dejan Stojkovic was born in Kragujevac, Serbia. He finished his primary and secondary education in post-communist Serbia, interrupted a few times with the ugliness of wars that struck this region. He came to England in 2001 to study theology and he completed his undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at Newbold College. Here he started a student-led worship service 'Experience'. Dejan has served as a youth pastor at Stanborough Park Church where he established the Parallel Service as an outreach and reclamation ministry for youth and young adults. Before being called to serve as British union youth director he was serving as a Director for Teen's Ministry, AVS and Chaplaincy at the South England Conference. Dejan got married to Deana in 2010. Dejan's mission in life is very simple and that is preparing young people for the second coming of Jesus.



Team up and nothing can take you down. Creative learning processes in teams

According to recent research, the areas of most interest to young people are music, friendship and sex. Where is church life in this list? In this workshop, discover some creative learning processes to make church life more interesting to you. In a small team environment, we will discover real needs beyond the surface and experience the power of God’s creativity. The content of this workshop is based upon research (hard facts) proofed in the praxis (shown in practical ways) to make church life an easier topic to explore.

Thursday 11:30-12:15 Room: 2G Capacity: 65

Friday 12:45-13:30 Room: 2G Capacity: 65



László is currently responsible for the department of mission studies at Friedensau Adventist University. He was born in Hungary, studied theology in Germany, worked as missionary in Tanzania and as pastor, lecturer and departmental leader in Hungary. His passion is researching about the development of the society and church, discovering and designing new ways for presenting the gospel and for training. His hobbies are filming, reading and discovering Africa. László is married to Szilvia and they have two children.


How to meet kid's Spiritual needs in the 21st Century

For over 5 centuries, our culture has operated within modern frames. Technological innovation (the printing press and the mechanized clock) shattered the chains of the Dark Ages… but the world has changed so much, that reality today is not the same. Our culture thinks with its eyes. And we need to be relevant for our young people today.

Wednesday 12:45-13:30 Room: 1D Capacity: 150 (Spanish)

Thursday 11:30-12:15 Room: 3G Capacity: 120 (English)


The Adulterous Woman

(Bible Study)

Jesus and the woman taken in adultery is a famous passage found in the Gospel of John 8:11. I know that you’ve heard preaching about this episode in the Bible, I’m sure you’ve study it… but maybe there is more than meet the eye. Come and have fun together going deep into the text.

Thursday 12:45-13:30 Room: main hall Capacity: 5664 (English)

Friday 11:30-12:15 Room: 1D Capacity: 150 (Spanish)

Friday 12:45-13:30 Room: 2A Capacity: 57 (English)



Jonatán Tejel Subirada is the current Pathfinder Director of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. A PK (pastor’ kid), Jonatán is accustomed to changes. As is common for pastoral families, his family moved frequently until they settled in Madrid, Spain, where Jonatán spent his adolescent years. He studied at Sagunto Adventist College before completing his degree in Theology at Collonges in France. In 1992 he obtained an official certificate as Free Time Activity Coordinator, a title that is only granted by the Department of Education of the Spanish Government. Jonatán and his wife Daniela are the proud parents of two daughters, Astrid and Édera. Jonatán has over 20 years of experience as a youth ministries director, speaks four languages (Spanish, Italian, English, and French), and was the creator and editor of Conexión, a youth ministries magazine for the Adventist church in Spain. Jonatán enjoys sports such as football, rock climbing, and scuba diving and likes working with computers and doing puzzles.




Fascinated by the Word: Reading the Bible with New Eyes

(Bible Study)

The Bible is the most important book in the world! While most Christians would probably agree, the sad reality is that for many the Bible is more or less a rather boring piece of literature. An important book, but not an exciting one. At least not as exciting as so many other things like sports, movies, fashion, music, the internet, work, friends or family. Those are the things we spend a lot of our time on. Those are the things we get excited and talk to other people about. The Bible? Not really. If this is your reality, but you’d like to give this book another chance, this workshop is for you. Come and find out why the Bible is not just the most important but also the most fascinating book ever written. Learn how to read biblical texts with new eyes and discover the incredible beauty and depth they have to offer. Revolutionize the way you study the Bible and get excited about this book like never before! Bring your Bible, bring a friend and let’s go!

Wednesday 11:30-12:15 Room: 4F Capacity: 88 Part 1

Wednesday 12:45-13:30 Room: 4F Capacity: 88 Part 2



Chris Vogel is currently completing his Ph.D. in Old Testament Studies at Andrews University (USA). A few years ago his way of reading the Bible was revolutionized when he began to realize how this book works. Since then he has presented his insights in countless seminars and workshops in different parts of the world as well as on his blog ( that has been translated into German ( and Portuguese. He is also the co-author and speaker of the new online Bible correspondence course “The Word,” designed to teach people how to dig deeper in their study of the Bible. He particularly enjoys studying the Bible with other young people.


Girls4Christ and how we can stand up for each other and reach out to others.

Girls4Christ aims to reach out to young women, to offer topics which are of special interest to them, like beauty, future professional life, friendship, how to start a friendship, or how to end it if necessary, Christian values, women in the Bible and what it means for me, etc. It is important for young girls to be alone at times, to discuss sensitive topics, without having to make a good impression to participating boys. We also want to promote women in leadership, women to take up responsibility in our church, women as pastors etc.

With this workshop, we want to show ways to reach out to young girls in order to keep them in the church. This happens in close cooperation with Women’s Ministries and the Youth Department on Local Church or Conference level, where girls4christ meetings and mentoring programs are offered. If you are interested in working with young girls, or if you like to start such a ministry, this workshop is just what you need!

Wednesday 11:30-12:15 Room: 3D Capacity: 35



Elvira is the coordinator of Shepherdess, a ministry in favour of pastors’ wives. Along with her husband, Rainer she holds numerous partnership seminars and family weekends. They have four adult sons and live now in Muensingen, close to Bern, Switzerland. She has a Diploma in Biology and Chemistry.


God´s way to true love, sex and faithfulness

All humans are longing for close relationships, true love and a secureness in life. The workshop is all about, how we can learn to archive that. There are principles for healthy bondings, which are fundamental for growing in love and faithfulness. Then healthy sex will be embedded in a protected framework of our lives.

Thursday 11:30-12:15 Room: 2F Capacity: 65

Friday 11:30-12:15 Room: 2I Capacity: 40



Pastor Rainer is responsible for the Ministerial Secretary and Family Ministries Director of the EUD. And his wife Elvira the coordinator of Shepherdess, a ministry in favour of pastors’ wives. Elvira has a Diploma in Biology and Chemistry. Pastor Wanitschek studied Theology at Marienhoehe Adventist Seminar, holds a Master of Divinity in Theology from Andrews University in Berrien Springs (Michigan, USA) and has also completed studies in Family Counseling. Since then, he and his wife have been able to hold numerous partnership seminars and family weekends. Elvira and Rainer Wanitschek have four adult sons and live now in Muensingen, close to Bern, Switzerland.



Digital Disciples

Campfires, bedtimes, long journeys down winding roads and adventures in faraway lands: none of these would be the same without a great story. From the cradle to the grave and every occasion in-between humans have loved to hear and tell a compelling story. Now, more than other, your story has the opportunity to be heard, seen and read by millions…instantly.

Learn how and why to use the power of social media for the glory of God.

Wednesday 11:30-12:15 Room: main hall Capacity: 5664

Wednesday 12:45-13:30 Room: 3F Capacity: 120

Friday 12:45-13:30 Room: 1A Capacity: 718




Luke Whyte has been gifted with a unique ability to connect, communicate and inspire youth and young adults. Luke runs The Youth Workshop, an up and coming ministry dedicated to utilising the latest technology to equip youth leaders and their departments to better reach and grow their youth groups. This has led to a successful podcast which you can listen to at LUKEWHYTE.COM, ITUNES or STITCHER. Luke is also the pastor of a young and vibrant church in the heart of Potters Bar, England, called Templeway.