"Chill out!" is a time for you to mingle, get to know some new friends, chat with your old ones, grab a snack, pray with someone, just chill, play a game, jam for a little, discuss what's on your mind with likeminded people, etc. There will be all sorts of different "corners" where you can han out with your friends, enjoy a good drink and snack, reflect, meditatem have fun and enjoy the fellowship.


The Exhibition of Nations is a buzzing place, where you can find fellowship, fun and an oppurtunity to grow in service. Come and take a seat at one of the 30+ tables, where each nation is waiting for you with a game, a present and an idea of how to serve others once you return home. All this will happen in a colourful, happy and creative environment that will encourage you to form friendships with people from other countries and to have some rest and even a refreshment.


The Sabbath afternoon Art Festival (spiritual talent show) will be the opportunity to participate in sharing talents and making service to God joyous and glorious. The performances will include talents of all kinds and be directed to our main theme - "the Journey"! All performances will be Sabbath appropriate. If you would like to participate, please contact your Home Union before 30th June for the application process.


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