Adventist Frontier Missions

Adventist Frontier Missions (AFM) establishes indigenous Seventh-day Adventist church-planting movements among unreached people groups.


Adventist Volunteer Service



AEGUAE is the Adventist Student and Graduate Association in Spain. Founded in 1974, it provides a space for dialogue and reflection on how to integrate faith and science in our challenging world.

Andrews University


Bibellinjen is a training school for young people who want to serve God regardless of which career they choose in the future. If you choose to attend Bibellinjen, you will…

  • Expand your daily relationship with God
  • Explore your identity as an Adventist Christian
  • Extend the power and possibilities in witnessing and service
  • Experience Christian community

Campus Adventiste du Saleve


Centro Educativo Adventista De Sagunto

Sagunto College is a Christian institution whose objective is to form and educate youth in distinct areas. On our campus you will find a range of departments from Preschool/Primary School to High School, a School of Music, the Spanish School of Higher Education (ESDES), and the Faculty of Theology (FAT). All of these together create an environment full of opportunities for any person to develop their gifts and abilities to the maximum level.

Europe Glow

Giving Light to Our World is a Total Member Involvement project that can help you share the Gospel wherever you go. GLOW is a growing project of literature distribution where thousands of pieces of literature, in various forms, are given away or sold to share the Bible’s message of hope to everyone in this world. It also organizes mission trips, even ones where young people give out 1 million tracts.

Visit us: www.glowonline.org , www.glowmissiontrips.org www.mission365.org

Friedensau Adventist University

Friedensau Adventist University is a state-approved university sponsored by the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. It was founded in 1899 and can look back on a long tradition and a great deal of experience in study and teaching. 200 students from more than 30 nations are currently enrolled.

In the departments of Christian Social Science and Theology, students can choose between eight study programs under Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts – some of which can be studied part time – as well as the course “German as a foreign language”.

Geoscience Research Institute

The Geoscience Research Institute (GRI) is an institution of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists that explores the interactions between Faith and Science from a scientific point of view, giving special attention to origins-related issues. The mission of GRI is to discover and share an understanding of nature and its relationship with the Biblical revelation of the Creator God. To fulfill this mission GRI scientists perform original research, publish scientific articles and educational materials, teach courses and seminars, and organize events such as Faith and Science Conferences and Celebration of Creation Weekends. The GRI Home Office is located in Loma Linda University, California, and there are five GRI Branch Offices and several GRI Resources Centers around the world. The European Branch office is currently located in Spain, in the Centro Educativo Adventista de Sagunto (CEAS) campus

Health Promotion & Spirituality

The Health Promotion & Spirituality Training Program provides a solid foundation in lifestyle related health principles and a Christian, Bible based understanding of life, faith and health. It equips students to serve their families and communities through a wholistic approach to health and spirituality.

Newbold College of Higher Education

Newbold College of Higher Education is a student-centered, inclusive and innovative learning community operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. We offer a holistic approach to education that encourages our students to grow as individuals in their faith and spiritually, as well as academically through a range of courses and full degrees including Business (BS), Liberal Arts (BA), Biblical and Pastoral Studies (BA) and English Language (Certificate).


North England Conference of SDA


NYC - Naturaleza y Creación

We are a ministry that aims to present the Bible, and especially the theme of Creation, in a modern, attractive, clear and useful way for all ages. We collect the best existing material and make new contributions, using the most advanced technological means. Our doors are wide open so that many can participate and have fun with us.


Pan de Vida Travel & Productions



Respiro is a NGO which works for youth as a mission project of the Youth Departament. We have online and offline projects, organize events, prepare books and other stuff for youth. We help youth to have respirotime and to live their life at its fullest.


Editorial Safeliz



ShareHim helps encourage and equip Seventh-day Adventists to share the Gospel wherever they are. On ShareHim trips, young people learn and grow as they serve as guest speakers for evangelistic meetings held by local congregations in other countries. ShareHim also develops culturally contextualized presentations for members to present in their home areas.

Speciel Need Ministry

is the ministry in favour of people with disabilities. More that 1 billion people in the world are partially or completely affected by disabilities. They live around us. How can we relate to them?

More than 400 million are deaf. Imagine, a big continent among us. To speak their language seems to be difficult, every country has its specific Sign Language, but are you ready to accept the challenge? Visit our booth at the congress.


Stanborough Press Limited


7 Day Productions

At 7 Day Productions we love to dedicate art and creativity to God. We like stories and what they tell and how they can be told through movies, video games, internet and music as well. We are a group of dreamers who do not settle for dreaming but build our wings and fly with the help of God.


The Mission of HopeMedia.es is to reach the people in today’s society through the media  (television, cinema, radio and internet), providing nurturing content for both Christian and non-Christian media outlets, and sharing the Bible truths and the plan of salvation with the world.